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D&D Automotive Specialties opened its doors to the public in 1987, to answer a demand by a niche market for quality Ford performance products. The business was born from a love of drag racing and realizing the need for an experienced, high quality, knowledgeable source for high performance Ford components.

Our Ford performance roots go back to the early 1970’s when we campaigned a 1969 Boss 429 Mustang in A/stock.  This proved to be a valuable learning experience as few people knew the workings of these unique cars or made components for them.  Out of necessity, we drew on our extensive mechanical and technical background to make and do whatever was necessary to make the car competitive.  After 2 years of hard work and development, the car was able to run under the national record.  It was one of the few Boss 429s to be competitive in this class. Since that time, we have campaigned several successful Ford drag cars that served as test vehicles for many of D & D’s products and combinations. 
After seeing our cars perform, individuals turned to us to work on their engines and cars.  Our original Ford performance business targeted the performance of the engine and it’s components. When we ran a national advertisement that included a photo of our 1985 Mustang drag car, we received many requests to purchase the engine swap components we designed and used for our car.   We started offering them to the public and since have added dozens of custom headers & other swap components to our product line.  Over the years we have expanded our products and services to cover the cars bumper to bumper.  It’s a mark of our success that the manufacturers and suppliers we looked to for advice in the 1970’s now ask for our help and input on their products. We continue to work with several major manufacturers on development of some of the better Ford after-market components.  This gives D&D a definite advantage over many other shops by providing a “total” combination of proven components for the car.   A history of successful design and experience combined with unequalled technical support means that D&D gives you the advantage to achieve your goals by design instead of trial and error.

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