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** Canton 429/460 Fox 7qt swap oil pan #15-770-NEW-used for mock up only. $225.00 (SOLD!)

      Earlier style pan-dual magnetic drain plugs. Crank scraper

     Oil pan only!-pick up available-additional

** 460 Mustang/Fox body headers 1 7/8" long tubes-NEW-fits C4,C6 & P/Glide(with tweaking)   
     Fits Ford exhaust port type cylinder heads(aluminum & cast iron)  SOLD!

** 351C 4V Fox Body Hedman headers 1 7/8”(USED-in great shape) SOLD!!

       Customer traded in on D&D headers-new they cost over $600!

       Long tubes-individual tubes. Hedman part # 85620



** 429/460 C8VE-E 76cc cylinder heads-Fresh with new S/S valves, (pr) SOLD!

      Same as Dove-C heads

      New bronze guides, Teflon seals, new flat tappet spring kit, resurfaced

     Some port work. Heads ran 10.70 in a 3800lb 71 Must. 466ci

    Customer traded them in on aluminum heads

** Crane # 99838-16 1.465" dual valve springs-hyd or mechanical cam-new-nos  SOLD!

** Lunati # 73124 1.50" dual valve springs-hyd or mechanical cam-new-nos  SOLD!

** Scat 4.30” stroker crank-cast (429/460 engine)2.20” rods. new in box SOLD!

** Canton 302 windage tray(for rear sump pans)#20-930 -new $30.00

      Normally sells for $50.00+

** Romac 302/351W 28oz SFI balancer/damper (used in nice shape) $ SOLD!

** New Ford Racing Motorsports balancer/damper 302 351W/351C M6316-C351 SFI certified                          28 oz balance (can also be used for internal balance) 0-50 degree timing mark $ SOLD!

** ARP 429/460 stainless steel intake bolts-new in pack #455-2101 SOLD!

      normally sells for $55.00+

** 351W ARP head stud kit-1/2"-new old stock                                     $SOLD!                                              includes studs,nuts,washers & lube. ARP # 154-4003                            

** TFS/Ford Racing  A460 pushrod guideplates M6566-B460 (8) new-nos $SOLD!

** Ford Racing  429//460 5/16" pushrod guideplates M6566-A429 (8) new-nos $30.00

** Manley 429/460 5/16"  raised pushrod guideplates #42166 (8) new-nos SOLD!

** Manley 3/8" pushrod guideplates 5.0/289/302/351W #42143 (8) new-nos SOLD!

** Milodon 351C/429/460  # 45375 stainless steel intake valves (8)  2.245"-new SOLD!

      Sells for $151.00 from the big discount warehouses!!

** Ferrea 351C/429/460  # F1171P-8  Comp. stainless steel exhaust  valves (8)  1.88"-new $140.00

      Sells for $200+ from the big discount warehouses!!

** Canton/Mecca Oil Filter assembly-replaceable filter element-new-nos $45.00

     # 25-220 Spin on Ford type-new -NOS -normally sells for $80.00+!

** Oil pump driveshafts 429/460 stock type -not recommended for HV/performance use. Free with any order        while supply last!

** Oil pump -Ford Racing M6600-D2 5.0/289/302 Hi volume -NOS-new in box  SOLD!!

** Oil pump -Ford Racing M6600-B3 351W  Hi volume -NOS-new in box $49.95




** Weiand 429/460 aluminum intake-dual plane #8021 CJ/SCJ ports-excellent shape-clean SOLD!

** Ford Racing/Edelbrock 351W 9.50” Victor JR intake-used-like new) SOLD!

     M9424-V351- new they sell for $299.95

    Bolt holes were enlarged to ease installation on aftermarket heads

** Demon carb parts-misc. including venturi sleeves, boosters  SOLD!

     Air bleeds. Some parts new in box & some used for 1 ¾” base

    Venturi kits #127423 & 127503 -over $200 in parts here!

** Heat dissipator-fits Holley or AFB MR Gasket # 3400 $20.00



** 351W Mallory Unilite Distributor (used) Vacuum advance $99.95

** 351W Mallory Unilite distributor (New in Box) Mech. Advance $199.95

      These normally sell for about $300

** MSD #8585 351W bronze distributor gear .530" shaft-new in box SOLD

** Battery Tender JR-new in box-great for keeping batteries at peak! SOLD!

** Moroso drag race switch panel kit # 74131-new in box-NOS SOLD!

      normally sells for $85.00



** JW ULTRABELL FOR 429/460 FORD TO POWERGLIDE (#92454) NEW-  $ 275.00 (SOLD!)

      Used for header mock up building only-current/valid SFI cert(man. Date Aug 2010) 

** JW 8" C4 torque converter- 26 spline 10 1/2" bolt pattern-4800 stall behind a 600 h/p motor       SOLD!

    approx 24 runs since it was freshened by JW. current cost of this converter new is over $1,000


** Coan  8" C4 torque converter- 26 spline 11 7/16" bolt pattern-4800 stall behind a 600 h/p motor    SOLD!
    approx 20 runs since it was freshened . current cost of this converter new is over $1,000 

** C6 transmission shield-new with all hardware but expired SFI date  SOLD!!

** C4 transmission shield-new with all hardware but expired SFI date  $75.00

** C4 transmission shield-used -shield & U bracket. expired SFI date $40.00

      No bolts included

** JW 157 tooth 50oz "Wheel" flexplate-in great shape-used -expired SFI date SOLD!

** Pro 5.0 shifter for T56 trans- NOS -new in box) SOLD!



  ** Ring compressors-tapered type-new in pack SOLD!

     Choice of 4.060”,4.125”,4.360”

** Edelbrock auto trans kick down rod ext. kit-SB Ford #8011-new $5.00

** Electric water pump overdrive pulley MR Gasket 4392-new $20.00

** Pioneer maxalloy connecting rod bolt nuts-3/8“-NOS in pack $5.00

     # S-1041

** Pioneer maxalloy connecting rod bolt kit-3/8“-NOS in pack $20.00


** Line Lock/roll control Biondo/NOS brand- new-nos  SOLD!

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