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Canton Accusump™ Systems
3 qt. Accusump Manual Valve
Electric Valve Kit Cable Kit



3 qt. Accusump (#24-006)  $222.99
These are the standard, used in all types of racing and recreational vehicles, for over 25 years.

These units are recommended for all size engines when oil pressure fluctuation problems are experienced or when pre-oiling is wanted.

This unit is 16" long 4.25" in diameter without valve or gauge.
With the gauge installed the length increases 2.5" and the valve installed adds another 3.25".
Both the valve and gauge can be mounted away from the unit if necessary.

Don't forget the mounting brackets!

Manual or Electric Valve not included (see products below).

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The Accusump Electric Valve (#24-270) provides convenient hands free operation of the Accusump. By wiring the valve into the ignition switch the Accusump will automatically turn on with your ignition and provide pre-oiling. This is especially useful when the Accusump body is mounted in a hard to reach location.

This kit will convert all manual Accusumps with 1/2" N.P.T. over to the electric valve. Kit comes with electric control valve with 1/2" N.P.T. thread, pipe nipple, toggle switch, wire and wire terminals.

Note: The refill rates on the electric valves are suitable and recommended for Street and Drag Strip use. On Circle Track and Road Course applications where quick refill rates are required, we recommend our E.P.C valve or our manual valve listed below.



E.P.C. Valving (#24-271, #24-273, #24-275)

Our E.P.C. valving has the convenience of an electric valve and the rapid refill rate of a manual valve. The E.P.C. valving allows the Accusump to quickly charge with oil when the engine's oil pressure is above a predetermined level and discharge when the engine's oil pressure drops below that level.

Comes with an electric valve, regulator, toggle switch, wire, terminals, and a pipe nipple.

PART #'s:
#24-271 E.P.C. valve kit for a discharge of 20-25 PSI  $212.99
#24-271K to refit a standard #24-270 to a #24-271  $79.95
#24-273 E.P.C. valve kit for a discharge of 35-40 PSI  $212.99
#24-273K to refit a standard #24-270 to a #24-273  $79.95
#24-275 E.P.C. valve kit for a discharge of 55-60 PSI  $212.99
#24-273K to refit a standard #24-270 to a #24-275  $79.95

Concerned about which EPC Valve to use?

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Manual Valve (#24-260) for the Accusump  $16.95

This valve is the simplest and easiest to install of all our Accusump valves. It is ideal when the Accusump is being mounted within reach of the driver.

This manual ball valve has 1/2" N.P.T. fittings.

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Accusump Manual Valve & Cable Kit (#24-506, 6ft.)  $84.95

The Accusump manual valve cable kit makes it easier for a belted in driver to open and close the Accusump. Ideal for applications where the Accusump can not be mounted near the driver, or in a hard to access location. Kit comes with heavy duty cable, mounting bracket, and specially designed valve.

Available in both six and ten foot lengths.

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Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

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